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087 - I Love Someone With Dementia …

087 - I Love Someone With Dementia …

When you love someone with dementia it's not uncommon to feel like you're losing your mind too. In this episode, I talk to Beth Friesen about practical tips for coping with this problem. Beth is the author of the book “I Love Someone With Dementia, So Why Am I Losing My Mind?”. She's also a nurse in a family of medical professionals. If their family struggled, we shouldn't feel bad about our struggles.

Some families have a member who doesn't fully understand the disease which leads to negative situations. Understanding how to be in “their reality” is a key survival tip for anyone who is caregiving. In fact, it took two years of explaining strange behaviors before it dawned on Beth that her Mother had Alzheimer's.

Learning practical tips will help caregivers feel less like they're losing their minds and more in control. One of the first fundamental things to understand is dementia is more than memory loss. I like to describe it as an old computer that fires up but really doesn't do the computing we need it to do. This old computer runs slowly, doesn't find files and doesn't work with modern apps and websites.

Once you've heard this episode be sure to check out Beth's book.

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