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Millennial Caregivers & Their Unique Struggles


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1 in 4 caregivers is a millennial. We have to acknowledge their unique challenges.

It is important to realize that 1 in 4 caregivers is a millennial. Most support services focus on older generations, specifically focusing on those who are caring for a spouse. With the ever-increasing numbers of people who require care, it’s important to realize the specific challenges younger caregivers face.

Have you tried dating as a caregiver? How about starting a family or advancing in your career? All of these take time and focus, something that many caregivers do not have.

Part of your caregiving team might include a millennial. It may also include a younger person. Learning about their unique challenges will allow all of us to handle caregiving in a more compassionate and understanding way. Isn’t that a worthy goal?

To better support all caregivers, we need to make sure there are support systems for younger caregivers.

By the way. Don’t be like me, millennials aren’t teenagers anymore. I still think they are. My daughter is almost 29 and she’s on the younger end of that generation. Someday I’ll stop thinking of millennials as teenagers! Feel free to laugh at me.

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