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189 - Preventing Dementia with Dr. Elena

189 - Preventing Dementia with Dr. Elena

Dr. Elena is back to discuss with us preventing dementia.

I have a family history of cognitive decline. Preventing dementia, Alzheimer's, any neurodegenerative disease is a big part of how I live my life. The longer I do this podcast, the more I learn.

Dynamic learning is one of the most important ways to help our brains live as long as our bodies. What is active learning? The simple answer is learning anything new that requires our focus and concentration.

Learning how to ballroom dance or speak a foreign language are good examples of dynamic or active learning. Learning math would probably be a tremendous challenge for me, but it causes emotional distress so that it won't happen.

We should all be aware that eating right, exercise, getting good sleep are all important in preventing dementia. Keeping stress under control is also very important.

One factor that I don't see discussed as much is dealing with depression. Many years ago, I read that it's believed that many people who have dementia had low levels of depression for much of their adult lives. I wouldn't say my Mom was depressed in the way we generally think of depression, but I do know that she lived with an elevated sense of frustration most of my life. I think that is closely related and worth exploring more.

That's what we're doing in the podcast today. Dr. Elena is back to give us her medical opinions on what we need to do to prevent or reduce our risk of dementia.

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