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Manage Medication for Memory Health w.Dr. Elena

Manage Medication for Memory Health w.Dr. Elena

Manage Medication for Memory Health. Discover the essentials of managing medications for older adults in this insightful episode. As a caregiver, understanding the challenges of polypharmacy and potential medication issues is crucial for your loved one's well-being.

Learn how to recognize side effects, identify drug interactions, and collaborate effectively with healthcare professionals. This episode offers practical strategies to optimize medication usage, ensuring your loved one receives the proper treatment without unnecessary risks. Gain the tools to advocate for better health outcomes and make informed decisions about medication management for seniors. Tune in to enhance your caregiving journey and support your loved one’s health.

Our Guest

We are joined, once again, by Dr Elena Mucci (consultant geriatrician and physician) . This episode is a little shorter than others, so be sure to listen to the end, where Dr. Elena tells us how she has had success slowing dementia progression. It's a great story to end the episode.


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