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Remember Better: Memory Improvement Tips

Remember Better: Memory Improvement Tips

Remember Better: Memory Improvement Tips. In our fast-paced lives, moments of forgetfulness can induce panic. How often do we find ourselves unable to recall a task or articulate our thoughts? Rather than jumping to conclusions about memory issues, it's crucial to explore various factors influencing memory lapses. Simple lifestyle adjustments, mindfulness practices, and incorporating memory-enhancing activities can make a significant difference. By understanding the triggers and adopting proactive measures, we empower ourselves to remember better and navigate through daily challenges with enhanced cognitive abilities.

With me on the show this week is Rena Yudkowsky. She's a geriatric social worker with over 20 years of experience and a memory coach who teaches online memory courses. She's here to talk about strengthening our memories and when we should seek treatment. Rena is a lot of fun to talk to so I'm certain you'll love her episode.

You can find Rena here.


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