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Running All Over The World

Running All Over The World

Running All Over the World – A Race Against Early-Onset Alzheimer's

What do marathon runners do when one needs open-heart surgery and the other is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's? Would you believe, retire from their jobs, sell their home, and become nomads running all over the world?

Continuing to engage in activities you love, such as marathon running, can significantly benefit individuals living with Alzheimer's. Physical exercise like running promotes brain health by increasing blood flow and stimulating the release of chemicals that support brain function. Moreover, pursuing hobbies fosters a sense of purpose, reduces stress, and enhances overall well-being for both the person with Alzheimer's and their caregiver. By staying active and connected to what brings joy, individuals can live vibrantly and maintain cognitive function for as long as possible.

Our Guest

That's exactly what today's guest, Tony Copeland-Parker, and his partner, Catherine Popp did back in 2015. Since then, he and his partner Catherine have traveled to 82 different countries. They have run at least a half-marathon in thirty-five countries and on all seven continents. Tony has also written a book, Running All Over The World, Our Race Against Early Onset Alzheimer’s.

The reason for running all over the world was to maintain Catherine's cognitive functions for as long as possible. Most of us understand the health & cognitive benefits of exercise so why not continue their love of marathon running?

Reading Tony's book will inspire you to add movement to your health care routine. If he and Cat can manage world travels the majority of us can strive to move more for our own brain health.


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