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Simple Ways to Reduce Your Alzheimer’s and Dementia Risk

Simple Ways to Reduce Your Alzheimer’s and Dementia Risk

Simple Ways to Reduce Your Alzheimer’s and Dementia Risk

Many people understand the impact Alzheimer’s and dementia can have on a person and their loved ones. As a result, most people would prefer to take action, reducing their risk of developing these devastating conditions by adopting the right healthy brain habits.

While there can be factors beyond your control in play, there are also things you can do to reduce your risk. If you want to limit your chances of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s, here are some simple tips that can help. 

Stay Active

Regular exercise is a key component in physical health and keeping your brain in good shape. When you work out consistently, you can improve circulation, have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight, and achieve other benefits that can reduce your dementia and Alzheimer’s risk.

In most cases, adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise each week to stay healthy. Add in two days of strength training, and you’re creating a solid foundation for long-term health.

Eat Right

Eating a healthy diet can reduce your risk of developing a range of medical conditions, including dementia. Focus on creating meals based on vegetables and fruits that also feature reasonable portions of lean protein. Reduce your sugar and salt intake, and limit your consumption of saturated fat. When you eat carbs, make whole grains your go-to option.

Get Your Rest

Getting high-quality sleep is critical for health, and some studies believe that it may reduce a person’s odds of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia. For most adults, aiming for 7 to 8 hours is wise. That ensures your body has enough time to complete crucial processes, potentially leading to better mind and body health.

Ditch Bad Habits

Certain habits can increase your odds of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia. Smoking is a big one, as it harms circulation, potentially hurting the blood vessels in the brain. Excessive alcohol consumption is also problematic, so it’s best to limit the number of drinks you have each week and to avoid binge drinking.

Work Out Your Mind

Keeping your mind active is a great way to reduce your dementia and Alzheimer’s risk. Plus, if you use the right approach, it can be a lot of fun.

Start by signing up for an online degree program. Not only is it simple to sign up, but you will exercise your mind while learning. Once you have your degree, you can launch a new, invigorating career, allowing you to face healthy challenges every day.

Puzzles like sudoku, crosswords, or trivia quizzes can be simple options to work out your mind. In many cases, you can find smartphone apps that feature those puzzles, allowing you to exercise your mind while on the go.

Reading a book or writing can also work wonders. As long as the work gets you thinking, presents you with new ideas to consider, or otherwise engages you mentally, you could be helping your brain stay healthy.

Learning a new language is another exceptional option. It’s a healthy challenge for your mind that asks you to think in new ways.

Additionally, having a challenging job can give your mind a workout. If your current duties are dull or you’re experiencing symptoms of anxiety, burnout, or depression, switching things up could be a great way to keep your brain active.

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