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Staying Connected While Apart & Other Good Tips

Socially Connected


Whether you’re helping care from a distance or your loved one is in a care residence, staying connected is incredibly important yet challenging.  During these times of staying connected while staying physically apart, we need as many connection options as possible.

Having many tools to use while caregiving is important. It is not uncommon to have to try a lot of things before you find tips that work. Of course, once you find tips that work, you still need tools in reserve for the day things change.

You’ll likely learn new things as you listen, I did. Every new tip, trick, and tool you try could be the one that makes a difference in your caregiving journey.

My guest, Donna Marenty, offers up many tips and tools to make caregiving easier. While I’ve heard a lot of tips lately on staying connected, Donna offered new ones. Enjoy this episode and give these suggestions a try!

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