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Talking to Kids About Alzheimer’s

Talking to kids about Alzheimer's


Caring for a family member with memory loss is hard enough. Hearing the question “what’s wrong with Grandma” can make it even harder. How do we explain Alzheimer’s to kids?  Hearing my conversation with Kathryn Harrison, author of the children’s book “Weeds in Nana’s Garden” will help you navigate this challenge.

Kathryn was your typical sandwiched caregiver with a young child and a newborn when her Mom was diagnosed with dementia.  Spending time with Nana was normal for her kids and spending time in her garden was a particular favorite pastime.  Her kids were more accepting of Nana than most adults. Early on, they found their Nana had a spontaneous spirit and was eager to play with them!

Later, as she became quieter and less mobile, they found she was always available for hugs and listening. They remained positive throughout the journey and lent Kathryn strength. Further still, they learned to help care for Nana as she progressed, developing their own compassion and confidence.

Losing a parent to Alzheimer’s or dementia is a painful journey but for Kathryn and her kids, there was joy. Share that joy by reading her book, Weeds in Nana’s Garden, and maybe you’ll give you and your kids a happier journey.

Talking to Kids About Alzheimer’s

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