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The Neuroprotective Qualities of THC

The Neuroprotective Qualities of THC
Neuro-protective qualities of THC
Podcaster & responsible cannabis lifestyle coach talked to me about the Neuro-protective qualities of THC.

While it’s not well known, there are neuroprotective qualities in THC. I was a teenager during the “just say no to drugs” era.  Having internalized that message means it’s hard for me to fully embrace this idea. Using natural remedies has always been my preferred method of care. However, it’s still hard for me to accept that marijuana is natural.

That doesn’t stop me from reading the latest research and listening to those who live the lifestyle. They’ve studied it, done the testing, and all the things necessary to incorporate weed into a brain-healthy lifestyle.

This is why I am excited to bring you an expert on the subject. Jo Nuding is a podcaster and responsible cannabis lifestyle coach. Once you hear her story you will have an entirely different outlook on cannabis’ healthy compounds. You may even say “yes, to the neuro-protective qualities of THC.”

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The Knox Docs are a family of physicians with backgrounds in Emergency Medicine, Anesthesia, Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Preventive Medicine. They have expanded their expertise to include Integrative Cannabinology, Functional Endocannabinology™ and Cannabinoid Medicine, and are internationally recognized as thought leaders in the care of the endocannabinoid system and cannabis therapeutics.

Together, the Knox family founded The American Cannabinoid Clinics. The AC Clinics have licensed physicians in 19 states. They see patients both on-site wherever available and online everywhere else. They have office locations throughout Oregon and Washington state. Through the online portal, AC Clinics see patients worldwide.

The Canna DNA test is essential information for anyone considering how THC or CBD might impact their health. This precision genetic endocannabinoid test is powered by Apeiron Genomics. You’ll receive a personalized report with recommendations tailored to your DNA and a one-on-one data review session with my epigenetic coach, David Krantz.

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