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Books for Two Laps – A Great Way To Connect!

Books for Two Laps – A Great Way To Connect!

Books for Two Laps – A Great Way To Connect!
Two-Lap Books are Read-Aloud Books for Memory-Challenged Adults,  People with Alzheimer's disease (and other forms of memory impairment) gradually lose their ability to initiate communication with others. As a result, Lydia designed these uniquely adapted books to “give voice” to them. Using the book's large, simple text and colorful illustrations we can initiate conversation.  Notably, reading books together can make meaningful connections with our loved ones and help stimulate their minds.  As a result, caregivers will enjoy sharing these books and creating purposeful, interactive activities for engaging people with memory deficits.
For this intention, this episode is a conversation with the author Lydia Burdick. We discussed these wonderful books and the inspiration behind their creation.  I purchased two of her books and took them on a visit with Mom.

Reading the book together gave us the opportunity to laugh, talk about likes and dislikes and even sing a little.  As a result, our visit was one of the better ones in a long time.

As a result of sharing the books, I made two other residents as happy as Mom. All three ladies enjoyed the beautiful illustrations and relatable scenarios. Each resident has their own level of reading ability and as a result they were able to read on their own. Regardless, reading together gave all three got a tremendous amount of pleasure from the books. I highly recommend these books for anyone dealing with a loved one with memory loss.

I have included a direct link to Lydia's Amazon page for your convenience.
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