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What Is a Virtual Dementia Tour?

What Is a Virtual Dementia Tour?
What is a Virtual Dementia Tour? Is it a Zoom thing?

If you aren’t familiar with a Virtual Dementia Tour, you may think it’s an online resource.  Not quite. We’re all much more familiar with virtual worlds thanks to the pandemic, but Virtual Dementia tours pre-date these times. A Virtual Dementia Tour put us, the caregiver, into the world of someone living with a form of dementia.

Participating in a dementia tour offers invaluable insights into the daily challenges faced by individuals living with dementia. It fosters empathy and understanding, enhancing communication skills and patience when interacting with dementia patients. Through simulated experiences of sensory impairments and cognitive decline, participants gain a deeper appreciation for the importance of compassionate care and the need for dementia-friendly environments. This heightened awareness can positively impact caregiving practices and community support for individuals with dementia.

I had the opportunity to participate in a dementia tour back in 2019, and it was definitely a learning opportunity.  I don’t know how many challenges I experienced with my Mom, but that didn’t matter. Having as close to a first-hand experience in her world as possible was transformative.

Virtual Dementia tours is our topic on today’s episode, and I know you’ll learn a lot. Also, be sure to be subscribed to the podcast for our second episode from Second Wind Dreams when we talk about Dementia interpreters.

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