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What Millennial Caregivers Need to Know

What Millennial Caregivers Need to Know


What Millennial Caregivers Need to Know

In all fairness, the title of this episode should be what all caregivers need to know. This episode, however, is with a millennial caregiver. She had to learn quickly all the forms, legalities, and financial planning that goes hand-in-hand with caregiving.

One example of the necessary information we need to know is banking accounts, logins, etc. When my Dad suddenly lost his short-term memory and ended up hospitalized, his finances didn’t enter my thoughts. If it weren’t for my husband’s twenty years of banking experience, I’m sure our situation would have been more stressful.

We’re taught as a society that it is impolite to discuss money, health, or even end-of-life plans. Unfortunately, this leaves many of us ill-prepared in the case of a medical emergency. Add to this situation the inexperience of a young adult, and you can understand the problem we have to fix.

Even if you feel like you’ve got your paperwork situation firmly in control, this episode is a good reminder of what we all need to share about our lives.


NeuroReserve – Helping Our Brainspan Match our Lifespan

NeuroReserve – Helping Our Brainspan Match our Lifespan


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