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Why Are You Sick, Fat & Tired? Healthier Lifestyles

Why Are You Sick, Fat and Tired book cover


Why Are You Sick, Fat and Tired book cover
Healthier lifestyles aren’t automatic. What are you doing that is sabotaging yours?

What can we do to live healthier lifestyles, feel, and look better? Is there anything we can do to lessen the risk of Alzheimer’s or dementia? You know that runs in my family, so that’s a question I ask a lot. 

If you want to take care of your health and need a system that is simple and successful with positive results in as short of time as possible then this is the episode for you.

Making simple improvements in your lifestyle: the food you eat, the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the cleaning products you choose, make a difference in healthier outcomes. These are simple, yet powerful changes. So, why are youSick, Fat, and/or Tired?

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