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Accepting Care - A Caregivers Perspective

Accepting Care - A Caregivers Perspective

Accepting Care - A Caregivers Perspective. When caregivers transition into the role of care recipients, their perspective often undergoes a profound shift. Experiencing vulnerability and dependence firsthand can cultivate empathy, understanding, and a newfound appreciation for the challenges faced by those they once cared for. Accepting this role reversal fosters humility, insight, and a deeper recognition of the complexities inherent in providing and receiving care, leading to a more compassionate and holistic approach to caregiving.

About Our Guest

Christopher MacLellan started The Whole Care Network after his experience as family caregiver balancing care and career. With 10 years of experience as the director of an information and referral service hotline, he grew a passion for advocacy in caregiving. He saw firsthand the difficulty in finding trusted information and resources to sustain a healthy and productive lifestyle at home and work. For Chris, the focus of The Whole Care Network is bringing information to family caregivers through shared stories and easy-to-consume media organized within 4 Pillars of Care. 

Christopher became a care recipient several years ago, and it may not be a surprise to learn that he struggled with accepting care after his time being a care provider.


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