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Home Technology: Well Aging for Seniors

Home Technology: Well Aging for Seniors

Home Technology: Well Aging for Seniors. People want to age well at home. Home is where memories have been made over a lifetime. Technology has the potential to make aging in place safer while maintaining our independence. Smart home tech can become an indispensable companion in the journey towards a healthier, worry-free, and more vibrant senior life.

Daily we hear of products designed to enhance the lid of a senior, enabling them to age in place with independence and security. Spotlighted are an array of tech tailored for aging in place. From the practicality of activity trackers to the reassurance of smart door locks and motion-activated lights and appliances, each innovation is strategically crafted to address the unique needs of seniors. The discussion extends to essential safety features, including fall detection systems that offer an additional layer of protection for our beloved older community members.

What Options Are Out There?

There are an impressive array of options, ranging from automatic toilet flushers to smart shower controls and beyond. Smart stoves equipped with automatic shutoff systems, ingenious microwaves capable of identifying foods via barcode, and smart water meters designed to detect leaks showcase the possibilities for creating a secure and efficient aging-in-place environment.

Our guest guides us through the realm of connectivity with automatic door openers, video doorbells, and smart walkers/wheelchairs that seamlessly link with caregivers. The episode concludes with a fascinating exploration of cutting-edge bathroom technologies, featuring toilets that analyze health data from waste and smart mirrors that capture daily photos to detect subtle yet crucial changes in well-being.

All of these amazing tech finds are brought to you by a previous guest, Ryan Herd. Ryan is the creator of the Caregiver Smart Solution. Check that out here.

You can hear Ryans story and why he created the Smart Solution here.

(0:1:29) - Caregiver Smart Solutions Overview
(0:2:6) - Tiny Non-Invasive Sensors for Monitoring
(0:5:7) - Technology as a Tool and Information Source  
(0:5:52) - Determining What's Most Important for Caregiving
(0:6:18) - Technology Preferences Vary by Age Group
(0:16:4) - Technology for Retaining Independence & Dignity
(0:25:4) - The Bathroom: The Next Frontier for Technology  
(0:47:28) - Towsie Pillow for Comfort and Support


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