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Home: Tech for Senior Independence a& Safety

Home: Tech for Senior Independence a& Safety

Home Sweet Smart Home: Tech for Senior Independence a& Safety. Imagine growing older in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by familiar memories. Technology is making this dream a reality with innovative smart home features designed to empower seniors to live independently and safely.

This episode dives into the world of home tech for senior well-being. We'll explore a range of products that can transform your living space:

  • Peace of Mind, Day and Night: Discover smart door locks, motion-activated lights, and fall detection systems that provide an extra layer of security and reassurance.
  • Staying Active and Independent: Learn about activity trackers that monitor health vitals, along with smart appliances with user-friendly interfaces to simplify daily tasks.
  • A Connected Haven: Explore smart speakers for voice-controlled assistance, video doorbells for remote monitoring, and even smart walkers/wheelchairs that connect seamlessly with caregivers.
  • Innovation in the Bathroom: We'll unveil cutting-edge toilets that analyze health data and smart mirrors that detect subtle changes in well-being, empowering proactive healthcare.

Join us as we explore the exciting possibilities of home technology for senior living. By embracing these smart solutions, you can create a safe, comfortable, and connected environment that fosters independence and well-being for years to come.

All of these amazing tech finds are brought to you by a previous guest, Ryan Herd. Ryan is the creator of the Caregiver Smart Solution. Check that out here.

You can hear Ryans story and why he created the Smart Solution here.

(0:1:29) - Caregiver Smart Solutions Overview
(0:2:6) - Tiny Non-Invasive Sensors for Monitoring
(0:5:7) - Technology as a Tool and Information Source  
(0:5:52) - Determining What's Most Important for Caregiving
(0:6:18) - Technology Preferences Vary by Age Group
(0:16:4) - Technology for Retaining Independence & Dignity
(0:25:4) - The Bathroom: The Next Frontier for Technology  
(0:47:28) - Towsie Pillow for Comfort and Support


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