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Alzheimer’s Caregivers-Sending You Encouragement Today

Alzheimer's Caregivers


Alzheimer's Caregivers
Alzheimer’s Caregivers receive a lot of encouragement & support via this podcast.

Being one of the 16+ million Alzheimer’s caregivers can be one of the longest marathons you’ll ever undertake. I am unaware of anyone who has gone on this journey alone. It’s entirely reasonable to need help. Getting help and taking care of yourself is critical to taking good care of your loved one.

What better place to learn new things and get some needed encouragement than another caregiver? Placement Consultant and a Certified Senior Advisor, Cameron Crawford, has walked the Alzheimer’s sandwich generation journey. Like many caregivers, she created something to help other caregivers. In addition to starting a senior placement service, she also has a caregiver Facebook page for people with aging parents in the Denver area. Their goal is to be a resource for caregivers – spouses, sandwich generation adults, siblings, friends, and loved ones.

Cameron and I share a lot of encouraging advice for caregivers in this episode. Tune in for a raw conversation from a sandwich generation caregiver.

Next Step Senior Care
Aging Parents Facebook Page (mostly for Colorado)


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