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Caregiver Guilt – Before, During & After

Caregiver Guilt – Before, During & After

Caregiver guilt was a constant struggle for Lauren while caring for her Mom.

Most of the caregivers I've spoken to have some level of guilt. For many of us, the guilt is significant. Why is this? The answer may not be surprising.

Caregivers tend to neglect their own emotional needs. Taking care of a significantly needy adult, especially if that person is our parent, can quickly suck us in. One day we're living our lives, doing all the things most working-age adults do, and then suddenly, our world is upended.

When this happens to younger working-age adults, the desire to continue living our own lives coupled with the emotional need to care for our parent is a tug-of-war that takes a toll on our mental health.

I was in my early thirties when it became evident that my Mom was having cognitive issues. In today's episode, I talk to Lauren Dykovitz, who had to navigate early adulthood and her Moms Alzheimer's at the same time.

Lauren is the author of “Life, Love & Alzheimer's”. This book is about the early journey with her Mom's illness. Lauren just published her second book, “When Only Love Remains”, this past month.

We discuss her caregiving journey, how we both had lots of guilt and how to get past that feeling.


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