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Caregiving and The Role of Improv in Dementia Care

Caregiving and The Role of Improv in Dementia Care

Nanciann Hovarth - Nurse & Comedian

Ever wondered how laughter can be the ultimate remedy for stress? Listen in as Nanciann shares her experience as a nurse, comedian, and caregiver to her mother with Alzheimer's. Nancy opens up about how she had to learn to live in the moment and navigate the realities of her mom's world. She shares the value of giving tasks to those we care for, providing them with a sense of purpose, and the power of "yes and" in our daily conversations, a tool that can lead to creative problem-solving.

The episode takes a heartwarming turn when we delve into the importance of pets in our lives. With poise and humor, Nanciann shares her journey of re-homing her beloved dog, highlighting the love and joy pets bring to our lives. We round off the episode discussing the effects of multitasking on productivity and brain health, steering the conversation towards the importance of communication and the power of gratitude. By the end of this episode, you'll have discovered the power of laughter and the joy of living in the moment, all through the lens of our inspiring guest, Nanciann.

Don't miss this heartwarming, enlightening, and jovial conversation!

(0:00:01) - Improv for Health and Alzheimer's Caregiving

(0:05:44) - Embracing the Unexpected

(0:14:56) - Arizona Trip and Importance of Laughter

(0:19:29) - Embracing Common Sense and Gratitude

(0:32:10) - Neural Reserves and Dangers of Multitasking

(0:35:46) - Effects of Multitasking and Phone Strategies

(0:47:44) - Joy in Daily Routines, Overcoming Challenges

(0:54:02) - Bringing Up Dogs and Breeder Contracts

(1:02:38) - Dog's Medical Journey and Improv Life

(1:09:42) - Life at a Senior Living Facility


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