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Connect The Screen Generation to Aging Adults

Connect The Screen Generation to Aging Adults

Connect The Screen Generation to Aging Adults. Inter-generational connection holds immense significance in fostering understanding, empathy, and a sense of community. Through meaningful conversations, different generations can exchange insights, experiences, and perspectives, bridging gaps and enriching each other's lives. These connections promote mutual respect, empathy, and appreciation for diverse viewpoints, contributing to a more cohesive and compassionate society. Embracing inter-generational connections cultivates a sense of belonging and strengthens bonds, fostering positive relationships and collective well-being.

About Our Guest:

Matt wanted his Mom to hear from her four sons and thirteen grandchildren daily! She needed a simple and direct way to communicate, ask for assistance, and conveniently interact with her grandchildren.

Screens and phones are complex for her. Amazon Alexa and Speak2 Family remove this barrier. The entire family can watch out for her and help her with her requests. It keeps her as the family centerpiece, just like she always was.

This need is the basis for my conversation with Jillian Guerra, the Chief Difference Maker of Speak2Family. Their app works with Alexa, providing messaging, activities, reminders, community support, and more. The user can tell Alexa when they need assistance, and the app alerts family or community staff. 

After hearing their story, learn more by heading over to their website - https://www.speak2family.com


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