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Dementia Interpreters Are Real?

Dementia Interpreters Are Real?

Dementia Interpreters Are Real? Dementia interpreters serve as vital mediators between caregivers and individuals with dementia, facilitating effective communication and understanding. These specialists adeptly translate complex behaviors and emotions, providing insights into the needs and experiences of the person with dementia. For family caregivers, interpreters offer invaluable support, easing frustrations, improving caregiving strategies, and fostering deeper connections. By bridging communication gaps, interpreters enhance quality of life for both caregivers and their loved ones living with dementia.

Do dementia interpreters exist? I could have used some interpretation when Mom was alive. Mom spoke in actual English words and complete sentences, but there was no context to help me understand what she was trying to tell me. It took me too long to realize that my attempts to “decipher” her conversations made her angry. Eventually, I understood it was better for both of us if I went along as if I understood.

I talk to Malora Jackson of Secondwind Dreams about their Dementia Interpreters program in this episode. A Dementia Interpreter helps translate our loved ones’ actions, noises, behaviors, and body language into an understandable and recognized language. Certainly, this is an excellent skill for all of us to learn.

Another helpful tool that Malora informed me about is the Dementia Dictionary. https://www.dementiadictionary.com You will learn a lot about communicating with someone living with dementia when you tune in to this episode.

Secondwind Dreams website

Dementia Dictionary


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