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Protecting Family: Warning Signs of Elder Financial Abuse 

Protecting Family: Warning Signs of Elder Financial Abuse 

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Elder financial abuse is a growing threat. Here are some key warning signs:

  • Sudden Spending Changes: Frugal behavior turns into big purchases.
  • New "Friends" with Financial Influence: Beware of unfamiliar people influencing financial decisions.
  • Unexplained Bank Activity: Missing funds, mysterious transactions, or discrepancies in statements.

Be a Watchful Guardian:

  • Monitor Statements: Stay informed about their financial activity, a crucial step in preventing elder financial abuse.
  • Open Communication: Talk openly about finances with your loved ones to identify potential warning signs of abuse.
  • Early Diagnosis: Early detection of cognitive decline can help safeguard assets against financial exploitation.

Join us as we explore ways to protect your loved ones from this financial abuse.

Here are 10 key sections from the transcript with start times:

0:16:29 - Discovering the Fraud

0:23:11 - Changing Laws and Awareness

0:29:20 - Continuing Money & Financial Abuses

0:36:16 - Abandonment and Loneliness

0:41:4 - Importance of Early Diagnosis

0:48:7 - Justification of Abuse

0:54:21 - A Movie-Worthy Tale

1:13:33 - The Cleaning Lady's Theft

1:17:29 - Forced Sale of Home


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