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The Language of Loss: A Guide to Alzheimer's and Coping

The Language of Loss: A Guide to Alzheimer's and Coping
Author, Cindy Weinstein

The Language of Loss: A Guide to Alzheimer's and Coping. Navigating the intricate emotions tied to Alzheimer's requires a nuanced understanding of the language of loss. This conversation illuminates the intricate facets of Alzheimer's, offering insights into coping mechanisms for both individuals facing the diagnosis and their support networks. Delving into the profound impact of memory loss, it explores communication strategies, empathy cultivation, and resilience-building. By deciphering the language of loss, this guide becomes a beacon of compassion, aiding those affected in fostering understanding and strength amidst the challenges posed by Alzheimer's.

About Our Guest

Cindy Weinstein is a professor of English at the California Institute of Technology. We're discussing her book, Finding The Right Words, which is one part journey of coming to terms with her Father's Alzheimer's & and a one-part guidebook. Writing gave Cindy one way to talk about her grief, but she knew she lacked the scientific vocabulary to make sense of her Father's slow and traumatic decline.

Through professional contacts, Cindy found Dr. Bruce L. Miller, a neurologist at the University of California, San Francisco. After years of collaboration and friendship, they completed Finding the Right Words. This book is an invaluable guide for families dealing with a life-changing diagnosis and a conversation that combines memoir, literature, and the science and history of brain health into a unique educational and meditative work. Their two seemingly heartbreaking and empowering perspectives give readers a fuller understanding of Alzheimer's than any one voice could.


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