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Honoring & Healing with Paul Travers (Overcoming Challenges)

Honoring & Healing


Honoring & Healing
When the cosmic tumblers click into place & the universe opens its vault, miracles can happen. Overcoming challenges happen.

All of us have crossroads in life, challenges we have to overcome. Those of us who have had the experience of caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s seem to have more crossroads and more challenges. Coping with the disease, what it does to everyone’s life, even the eventual end, poses decisions and heartache.

How can we honor our loved ones while also healing ourselves? Can we do this while they’re still alive? In this episode, I talk to Paul Travers, author of Dancing with the Mountains.

Inspired by his dying father’s dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail, Paul hits the trail and finds a miracle in the healing power of American’s sacred mountains. More than a travelogue, this is a love story about fathers and sons, families battling Alzheimer’s, and the people and places along the Appalachian Trail.

Sprinkled with humor and humanity, Dancing with the Mountains is a spiritual story about love, life, and healing.


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