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Dementia Patients Can Remember: Joy Ride to Past Lives

Dementia Patients Can Remember: Joy Ride to Past Lives

Dementia patients can remember by accessing the past when you use audio recordings to jog their memories. Give your loved ones brain a joyride, connect more deeply with your loved ones and preserve cherished memories for generations to come.

Is a vivid memory for you triggered by a specific sound or song? Curious how audio can be used to help facilitate a comforting and familiar anchor to a person living with dementia, guiding them back to cherished stories and memories. The auditory stimulation through memory banks becomes a source of solace. By providing glimpses into personal narratives and preferences, audio becomes a bridge, fostering improved connections between caregivers and individuals with dementia. In essence, the therapeutic nature of audio not only assists in memory retention but also contributes to a more empathetic and supportive caregiving environment.

Introducing Audivi

In this episode, we discus the workings of the Audivi app created by Kristin Nelson to assist her dementia-stricken mother. This innovative app uses recorded favorite stories to engage people with dementia, creating a truly wonderful solution. Explore how this multimedia approach, which pairs audio memories with photo "memory banks," allows users to record family tales and facilitate cross-generation interaction.

Audivi is available for a one-time download fee of $19.99 for unlimited use, boasting features such as preloaded questions specifically optimized for dementia. This app has immense potential to make confusing situations like hospital visits less disorienting and help care facility staff better understand and connect with their residents.

The use of Audivi extends beyond caregiving; it can also be utilized to create annotated photo albums, record family stories before they are lost, and encourage family traditions of making ‘memory banks. It underscores how capturing stories in someone's own voice can form a deeper and more impactful connection than just reading information on paper.

See Audivi in action here!

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Here are 10 key sections from the video transcript with start times:

0:00:33 - Kristin shares her caregiver story and how she started recording her mom's childhood stories

0:01:29 - Kristin created a website with audio recordings of her mom's stories paired with pictures

0:02:11 - Kristin decided to create an app to help others record audio memories

0:03:30 - Diane shares how her mom had one main childhood story she always told

0:06:32 - Kristin encourages people to record a few stories to see the positive impact on their loved ones

0:09:24 - Diane shares how she recorded her grandmother telling a story before she passed away

0:13:16 - Kristin shares that people with dementia may not recognize their own voice in recordings

0:29:11 - Kristin suggests engaging younger family members to help record memories

0:41:18 - Kristin notes the app allows you to create multimedia memories that are more memorable


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