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Hydration & Older Adults - An Easy Way to Get It

Hydration & Older Adults - An Easy Way to Get It

Hydration & Older Adults/ Hydration is paramount for the well-being of older adults. As aging diminishes the body's ability to retain water, dehydration becomes a significant risk. Proper hydration is crucial for maintaining cognitive function, joint flexibility, and organ health. Dehydration in seniors can exacerbate existing health conditions and lead to complications. Encouraging regular water intake is a simple yet vital strategy to support overall health, enhance energy levels, and mitigate potential health risks associated with inadequate hydration.

I learned about JellyDrops early on in my podcasting days, but sadly they weren't available outside the United Kingdom at the time. Earlier this year (2022), I started seeing social media posts from followers in America about this innovative snack. Shortly after, I got an email suggesting Lewis Hornby as a guest. What a happy day.

About Jelly-Drops

If you are not familiar with JellyDrops, here's a quick overview. You'll want to tune in and hear the entire story of how Lewis was inspired to create them and where they're planning on going with similar products in the future. Check out our YouTube video with testimonial videos from pod friends!

Jelly Drops are award-winning candy designed to boost hydration. They're 95% watersugar-free and vegan with added electrolytes.

Inventor Lewis Hornby was inspired to create water candy after his grandma Pat, who had dementia, struggled to hydrate.

With a fantastic solid but smooth, texture - these candies do not have a liquid center - encouraging independent hydration for all through a delicious snack.

Once we've whetted your appetite for these tasty, hydrating snacks, check out their website so you can get your own! https://www.jellydrops.us


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