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Journey of a Doctor Turned Caregiver

Journey of a Doctor Turned Caregiver

Journey of a Doctor Turned Caregiver. Balancing the demands of a medical career with caregiving for a spouse with early-onset Alzheimer's poses unique challenges for physicians. To stay afloat, prioritizing self-care is crucial. Physicians must establish a robust support system, including professional help and understanding colleagues. Efficient time management and delegating non-urgent tasks can alleviate workload stress. Seeking emotional support from friends, family, or support groups is vital. Maintaining open communication with the medical team overseeing the spouse's care ensures a collaborative approach. Balancing empathy and detachment, practicing mindfulness, and recognizing personal limits are essential for the physician's well-being while navigating the complexities of caregiving and a demanding profession.

When her husband, a physician, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at fifty, Renée Brown Harmon's life threatened to capsize in the waves. She stayed afloat by learning to lean on friends and family and relying on her devotion to her husband and two young daughters. How do you keep your medical practice alive while caregiving demands increase rapidly?

This episode is an excellent conversation from a physician and caregiver perspective. What strategies did Renée utilize to care for her husband while maintaining her medical practice? After hearing her story and her methods to keep her balance, you can also check out Renée's book, "Surfing The Waves of Alzheimer's."

If you listen to the end, you'll also get a bit of behind-the-scenes background.

You can learn more about Renée Brown Harmon here.


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