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Kids as Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Kids as Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Many people assume kids can't be caregivers. As an older adult family member progresses in their disease, some of the things they do can be scary for younger kids. Children can become confused when Grandma forgets how old they are or GrandDad asks the same questions all the time.

To prepare your kids for caregiving roles in dementia, education and open communication are key. Encourage empathy by explaining the condition in an age-appropriate manner. Foster understanding of behavioral changes and teach coping strategies. Involve them in caregiving tasks suitable for their age, emphasizing patience and compassion. Provide outlets for expressing emotions and offer support through counseling or peer groups. Ultimately, nurturing a supportive family environment is vital for children to become effective and empathetic dementia caregivers.

About Our Guest

Deborah Mills is an author of books for children and adults, her books have been read worldwide. She writes about themes that benefit and build up the individual as well as the family unit. Deborah’s style is one that is easy to read, understand, and digest yet it delivers lifechanging impact. Her work will capture your heart. 

Deborah is caregiver for her mother who received a diagnosis of dementia and then Alzheimer’s Disease, almost 16 years ago.

This episode also has a special guest, so be sure to hear her too!

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