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Memories & Brain Health: The Science of Bioelectric Medicine

Memories & Brain Health: The Science of Bioelectric Medicine

Memories & Brain Health: The Science of Bioelectric Medicine. What are ways we can support our brain health? Recent research indicates that non-invasive and safe electrical stimulation of specific brain regions can have profound cognitive benefits, particularly for individuals at risk for dementia. This exciting development offers hope in preventing cognitive decline and preserving memory and other brain functions as we age.

A pioneer in this field is Guy Odishaw, the Co-Founder of CerebralFit Brain, a bioelectric medicine device company dedicated to optimizing brain health throughout one's lifetime. CerebralFit Brain translates cutting-edge medical research into practical solutions for chronic conditions like dementia, anxiety, depression, ADHD, macular degeneration, and pain. With a track record of success where conventional medicine has fallen short, Guy's expertise is rooted in over 30 years of clinical experience.

About Our Guest

As the Founder of Bhakti Wellness Center, one of the largest integrative medicine clinics in the US, and Co-Founder of the first integrative medicine clinic in the university healthcare system at the University of Minnesota, Guy's approach to brain health is built upon extensive knowledge and a patient-centric focus. To learn more about his groundbreaking work, visit CerebralFit Brain (https://cerebralfit.com/) and Bhakti Wellness Center (https://bhakticlinic.com/).


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