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Dementia Brain Protection: Health for Life

Dementia Brain Protection: Health for Life

Dementia Brain Protection: Health for Life are steps to keep your mind strong. In a world where memories matter, age is just a number, and doing things independently is important, it's imperative to take care of your brain. This conversation discusses how our choices, like the food we eat, and the support we have, can help keep our minds sharp. It's not just about getting older; it's about living a life where our memories stay with us, and our minds stay strong and active

Brain protection from dementia requires a combination of up to 25 different factors. What food can I eat to avoid dementia is a common questions many people ask. While there are no specific diets that will prevent dementia causing diseases, there are better options. A well-balanced, nutrient dense eating plan that focuses on reducing cholesterol and inflammation are important.

Lifestyle Choices Are Our Best Defense

There are many lifestyle choices that we make that are either better for our health, or worse. Getting the right foods, good sleep, quality exercise and staying socially connected are all important factors in preventing dementia. 40-60% of dementia cases may be preventable through lifestyle changes!

I go in to greater detail with my guest, Dr. Mitch Clionsky. He is the co-author of the book, Dementia Prevention - Using Your Head To Save Your Brain. (link to Good Reads)

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(0:5:54) - What memory issues should jolt us to seek medical testing
(0:8:49) - Symptoms and self-ratings do not predict actual cognitive test scores  
(0:12:18) - Become a prevention warrior, not a dementia worrier
(0:14:13) - 40-60% of dementia cases may be preventable through lifestyle changes
(0:16:57) - Dementia prevention requires a combination of up to 25 different factors
(0:20:25) - Overview of the dementia protection checklist categories
(0:23:1) - The importance of treating sleep apnea for brain health
(0:27:15) - Alzheimer's drug trials do not account for likelihood of sleep apnea  
(0:32:21) - Hearing loss impacts brain structure and function
(0:37:6) - Retirement planning should include meaningful cognitive engagement


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