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Prescription Advocate: Fewer Meds for Better Health

Prescription Advocate: Fewer Meds for Better Health

Prescription Advocate: Fewer Meds for Better Health . We want a fix when we get sick or don't feel well. Prescribing more and more medications because we want an immediate fix can cause more problems than they solve. This situation is especially true for the older population.

The prevalence of multiple prescription medications is often driven by complex health conditions. While prescriptions play a crucial role in managing illnesses, a critical examination of the necessity and potential interactions is essential. Over-reliance on medications can lead to adverse effects and increased healthcare costs. A holistic approach, incorporating lifestyle changes and exploring non-pharmaceutical interventions, is vital to reduce the burden of prescription medications, promoting a more balanced and sustainable approach to health.

About Our Guest

One morning I was scrolling through Instagram when a video caught my attention. A pharmacist was talking to an audience of general physicians about how they can continue to make money while de-prescribing meds. I liked it and got an immediate DM. I assumed it was a bot, but a real person was behind my screen, and he was the guest for this episode.

Dr. DeLeon Canterburry is a board-certified pharmacist who understands their importance to our overall well-being. This episode discusses the pitfalls of over-reliance on medication and when and how to stop taking most of them.

I'm confident that Dr. DeLeon's knowledge will help you advocate for a medication review and, hopefully, result in your loved one taking fewer meds.

Find tons of information here - https://www.geriatrx.org


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