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Talking About Senior Driving & When to Stop

Talking About Senior Driving & When to Stop
There are many ways to help seniors give up driving, but having a long-term plan is best.

Talking About Senior Driving & When to Stop. Ensuring older adults cease driving when necessary is crucial for public safety. Age-related declines in vision, reaction time, and cognitive functions may compromise driving abilities, elevating the risk of accidents. Withdrawal from driving can prevent potential harm to both the elderly driver and others on the road. Embracing alternative transportation methods promotes community well-being, reduces accidents, and enhances overall road safety. Additionally, encouraging seniors to explore alternative modes of transportation fosters social engagement and independence, contributing to a healthier and more connected aging population.

With me on the show this week is Dr. David Bernstein. He is a board-certified geriatrician. His 40 years of experience have allowed him to observe, empathize and guide thousands of adults and generations of families as they mature. After a frank conversation with a patient about why he stopped driving and suddenly moved out of state, Dr. Bernstein dedicated some time to writing Senior Driving Dilemmas. Are you dreading “the talk” with your parents or grandparents regarding their safety and the safety of others on the roads? Then this episode and book are for you! Both are informational guides to families, helping them understand the complexities of senior driving. Unravel the nuances of the problems that you might face as you cautiously transition your loved one from behind the wheel.

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