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Stories for Publication - Sharing Is Caring

Stories for Publication - Sharing Is Caring

Everyone has a story, this episode talks about how to get it ready for publication.

Everyone has a story to tell. Back in early fall 2017, I had an experience with my Mom that was funny after it was all over. Retelling the experience online garnered a fair number of comments that I should write a book. I thought the same thing, but I thought it would be a better book if I waited for Mom's Alzheimer's journey to end.

Three months later, I had a crazy idea to start a podcast. That's been a significant journey on its own, and it's had plenty of benefits. I have not abandoned the idea of writing a book, I just needed an angle that was fresh enough to be worth the effort. Understanding when the right idea came along, I'd know.

Along my podcast hosting journey, I've “met” a lot of people. Everyone is interesting and has a unique perspective on caregiving. Sometimes, people find me, and occasionally, their story isn't one I thought of telling.

That's the case with today's guest. He's the author of 2 best-selling books, the host of a top-rated technology podcast, and his third book is due out this summer. We connected through a service that matches people with writers and reporters. Yours truly will have two quotes about podcasting in his new book.

When Ramesh told me he'd be a guest any time, I wanted I asked him what he would speak on, and that's how today's episode was born.

While planning for our chat, the idea for my book popped into my head. Just like I knew it would when the idea was ready to be born.


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