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The Long Goodbye – A Musical Tribute Album

The Long Goodbye – A Musical Tribute Album

The Long Goodbye: A Musical Tribute" captures the poignant journey of a caregiver grappling with his father's Alzheimer's through hip-hop. Crafting an entire album becomes a therapeutic outlet, enabling him to navigate the emotional labyrinth of the disease. Each beat and lyric becomes a cathartic expression of love, pain, and memories. Through music, he finds solace and connection, transforming the arduous journey into a tribute of resilience and devotion.

Bret decided to use a hip-hop album to help caregivers draw energy from and gain a sense of connection with other caregivers. His Dad was all about breaking down doors, standing up to bullies, and Bret’s album helps continue that story. Bret also wanted to add a little hope for those of us listening.

Enjoy this video from Fog On The Bridge (yes, that’s the Golden Gate Bridge, from my area of the world).


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