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The Transformative Power of Neurofeedback Therapy



Neurofeed back in the earlier stages could help plateau the disease.

Louloua Smadi understands the desperation of loving someone with a life limiting cognitive disease. Her brother, Milo, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at two and a half years of age. Today, he is training to become a professional pastry chef.

Everything began to change when the family met Dr. Lynette Louise. Her integrative approach using neurofeedback and play was the catalyst that helped Milo to thrive and grow. Louloua even used the therapy herself to overcome poor concentration and focus.

Greatly impressed with her own improvements, she was inspired to become a practitioner herself. Her path from client to clinician illustrates the different approaches to healing using neurofeedback and highlights the gap between the research and clinical worlds.

Neurofeedback, like dynamic learning, asks your brain to do things in a new way. This treatment can help stabilize our loved ones, it can help us prevent the onset of the disease, and can really help all of us age well.

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