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167 - Yoga 4 Busy Caregivers

167 - Yoga 4 Busy Caregivers

If you have 5 minuets, you can destress with a quick yoga practice.

Yoga practice is probably something you think you don't have time to start. If you have five minutes, my guest can show you ways to help relieve stress, anxiety, and more. As with most of us, my guest, Jo Bregnard, had to learn about caregiver self-care the hard way.

Despite a healthy lifestyle, and just three months after her husband suffered a severe burn injury, Jo was diagnosed with breast cancer. While her health issues were a challenge, her yoga practice didn't take off until her husband suffered a frightening heart issue.

Following this new situation, Jo learned to find true comfort on her yoga mat. This joy encouraged her to start teaching in 2014. Her yoga classes include beginners, prenatal, restorative, meditation, and Fluid yoga. That's just for starters!

As we all know, when we think we've got our lives under control, something happens to change it all. Jo's life took another turn in when she started helping to care for her Dad, making long drives on the weekends to get to his home.

Realizing that how she was living was not sustainable, Jo added yoga for caregivers to her offerings. You can find peace, relaxation, and more with simple practices that you can complete in just a few minutes.

Jo's Website https://www.jobregnard.com/online-studio
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