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Dementia Care Conversations: Unveiling the Four Essentials

Dementia Care Conversations: Unveiling the Four Essentials
dementia care conversations
Learn how to PACE yourself while caregiving.

Dementia Care Conversations: Unveiling the Four Essentials. Engaging in conversations about dementia involves embracing four pivotal aspects. First, granting oneself permission for trial and error fosters an environment of learning and adaptation. Acknowledging their reality validates their experiences, promoting empathy and understanding. Compassionate care entails providing support with kindness and patience. Lastly, empowering oneself equips caregivers with the knowledge and tools necessary for effective communication and holistic dementia care.

Today I'm chatting with Tami Anastasia about strategies for dementia caregiving. Tami offers a fresh and practical approach to the challenges faced by wives, husbands, and adult children who care for loved ones with dementia. Using the four D's of Dementia Care, detach, document, diffuse, and distract, caregivers can find solutions for behaviors ranging from shadowing to wandering to medication refusal. 

The PACE model is what we discuss in this episode. It is a model that emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the caregivers' well-being while navigating the dementia journey. PACE stands for;

P = Permission for trial and error

A = Acknowledge Their Reality

C = Compassionate Care

E = Empower Yourself

After hearing her advice, learn more by heading over to her website - https://tamianastasia.com/book/


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