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Safe Visits During Covid & Beyond

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Visits with our loved ones have been an enormous challenge in the past year (or more). This episode was supposed to come out in late January or early February, but life had other ideas. Even though visits are happening more thanks to the vaccines, keeping our loved ones safe is still a high priority.

Under the circumstances, I decided to publish this episode as a bonus. In brief, my guest Maria and I discussed all types of visits. Ultimately, by talking about visits with my Mom and Grandmother (who just turned 103 this week), I feel we covered many options.

The community in which my Mom lived had coped with a severe flu outbreak a year before the pandemic. This knowledge allowed them to know some of the mitigation factors necessary to prevent the spread of any contagious disease.

Living in a board and care home is altogether different. As you’ll hear, there are other challenges with visits with my grandmother. You’re sure to gain new ideas for visits, and I know you’ll enjoy this fun conversation.


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