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The Dementia & Sleep Connection

The Dementia & Sleep Connection

The Dementia and Sleep Connection. Addressing sleep problems involves understanding potential causes, improving daily habits, caring for mental health, and consulting with health professionals. Lifestyle changes, a conducive sleep environment, and adopting relaxation routines can contribute to better sleep and potentially reduce the risk of dementia. Monitoring overall health and seeking professional advice become crucial elements in mitigating the impact of sleep difficulties on long-term health.

The link between insufficient sleep and dementia is associated with a brain protein called beta amyloid, known for forming plaques in Alzheimer's patients. Inadequate sleep hampers the brain's ability to flush out beta amyloid during the night, leading to its accumulation and potential contribution to dementia.

Interestingly, dementia itself impacts sleep patterns. Individuals with dementia spend less time in crucial sleep stages, affecting cognitive function. Moreover, the disease disrupts the natural sleep-wake cycle, causing irregularities in sleep patterns.

To maintain healthy sleep, experts recommend seven to nine hours for adults aged 26-64 and seven to eight hours for those 65 and older. Achieving restorative sleep involves continuous and uninterrupted sleep cycles aligned with circadian rhythms.

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